History of the Dr. Louis & Anne Guy Bayside Village

During the late 1990’s, a plan of action was developed to construct a new nursing home complex to allow for the decommissioning of the Winkler nursing home complex, which was quickly becoming outdated and prohibitively expensive to continue to operate. Support for this plan was primarily lead by Dr. Louis Guy and his wife Anne, both prominent local politicians.

Through contributions from the local community, state grants, and a major contribution from Dr. Louis & Anne Guy, arrangements to have the complex built were finalized in late 1999. Construction on the facility began in March of 2000 and was completed later that year. The facility features a 59-bed capacity, state of the art medical technology, and unique resident amenities the former Winkler complex did not have (including a full garden courtyard and a gazebo).

After construction was fully completed, the residents and staff of the Winkler complex (which is actually across the street from Bayside Village complex) were transferred to the new facility. Ownership of the complex was given to the Baraga County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) and is operated semi-independently of the hospital. (The Winkler complex remains decommissioned following the transfer and is still being considered for different redevelopment projects.)

The Dr. Louis & Anne Guy Bayside Village complex has been in continuous operation since its opening in 2000 and remains as the best elderly nursing care facility in Baraga county and is among the best elderly care facilities in the state of Michigan.


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