Rehabilitation Services

With the cooperation of the Bayside Village medical staff, U.P. Rehab Services offers:


Physical therapy to maximize the resident's range of motion, ability to move about, and perform everyday tasks. Physical therapy is also used to relieve pain, ensure proper recovery from a physical injury, and minimize the effects of common conditions such as arthritis.

Occupational therapy to increase a resident's independence and ability to care for themselves. For some residents, a stay at Bayside Village is only temporary while they recover from an injury or illness - occupational therapy helps make sure that once a resident is back to living in their own home, they can continue to do so safely.

Speech therapy to promote the resident's ability to communicate with others and maintain their mental health. Speech therapy focuses on maximizing the ability to express wants and needs, understand written and spoken word, and improve memory.


Bayside Village offers many rehabilitation services for all residents through our contract with U.P. Rehab Services out of Iron Mountain. The U.P. Rehab Services company features offices across the Upper Peninsula and utilizes the most advanced rehabilitation techniques to treat a vast spectrum of conditions.

Bayside Village has partnered with U.P. Rehab services for over a decade and has maintained this partnership because of the exceptional service our residents receive.

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