The Coffee Shop

Open every day, the coffee shop is the perfect place for residents to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all the amenities coffee shops have to offer! Local newspapers and a variety of magazines are always available alongside local television access for those who enjoy keeping up with the daily buzz. For residents and their families who are computer savvy, there is a public computer with broadband internet and web cam. There's even an aviary for the bird watching enthusiasts!


Tranquillity Center

The Tranquillity Center focuses on providing a calm and quiet place for rejuvenation and holistic healing efforts. With the assistance of nurses and therapy staff, residents can enjoy procedures such as massage, aromatherapy, and deep breathing exercisers that work to control the side effects of illnesses and promote homoeostasis. Those with Alzheimers and other degenerative illnesses can especially benefit from regular visits to the Tranquillity Center.


Lending Library

In our lending library, we offer hundreds of literature selections in a variety of genres to appeal to anyone who enjoys a good book to read. From non-fiction and fiction, we have everything from adventure to romance and beyond in our very own library. We're also open to trading or accepting donation books if interested; just stop by our activities office.


The Chapel

Open to residents and visitors alike, the chapel offers a quiet reprieve for worship and prayer. Religious literature is always available alongside regular support from local religious leaders.


Theater Room

Open daily for residents, the theater room gives residents a front row seat to watch a new or classic movie, right from home.


The Salon

For residents who wish to have further treatments such as coloring, permanents, cut, or wash and sets, they can book an appointment at The Salon. The Salon employs a licensed hairdresser who visits Bayside to provide these services.


The Dining Room

Bayside cooks its own meals in house and residents are welcome to visit the dining room to socialize and eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.